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Choose your gearbox in a few steps.

    Performance parameters 
            Enter the required input performance. P1 in the range from 0,06 to 45 kW.
    Entering the output torque M2
    Gearbox parameters 
            Enter required output speed N2 in the range from 0,2 to 560 rpm.
    Enter gear ratio i. 
    Operating factor 
      Normal - schock-free operation, small inertia
 (fans, gear pumps, assembly belts, augers, fluid mixers, filling and packaging machines)

 Middle - light jolts at starting, irregular operation, medium inertia
 (conveyer belts, hoists, winches kneading-, mixing-, woodworking-, printing- and textile machines)

 Heavy schock irregular operation - high inertia
 (concrete mixers, suction pumps, compressors, rams, rolling mills, heavy goods conveyer belts,
 bending machines, presses, machines with irregular load and motion)
   Indicates the number of cyc les (on-off) in one hour.
   Gearbox working time within one day.
   Choose use of brake motor.
        Determined operating factor.
    Manual entry of the required operating factor.