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Engineering production at TOS ZNOJMO was initiated in the year 1970, when production of parts for machine tools was begun at the site of the former hydroelectric plant on the river Dyje as a section of the operations of TOS KURIM, a state concern at the time. 

The trademark TOS ZNOJMO was introduced in the field of drive engineering in 1978, when work was completed on the branch on Družstevní Street in Znojmo, whose main products were variators. 

The joint stock company TOS ZNOJMO was born as a new legal entity as a result of privatization in 1992. The privatization process was completed in August 1997, when the company NOVOTOS Inc. became the sole shareholder. 

The company’s production was initially geared towards variators, variable-speed gearboxes, milling heads and feed boxes including spare parts. The company’s activities shifted towards development and production of drive engineering on account of progressive trends in the machine-building industry. The firm TOS ZNOJMO currently specializes in the batch production of gearboxes. The production schedule encompasses mainly worm gear units, frontal gearboxes, conical-frontal gearboxes and epicyclic gears, but also includes special custom-made gearboxes. 

Thanks to the progressive technology and production capacity of the company, the production of individual parts and components provides an ideal complementary program not only for drive engineering but for other fields as well. It mainly involves the manufacture of shafts and gear wheels and casting processing. 

The staff of the commercial section is ready to deal with all of your requirements and is looking forward to cooperating with all customers.